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Get It Made

Ordering Guide:

Step 1: Please download and fill out the form as detailed as you can. Email as back to sales@bellaesprit.com

Step 2: A product expert will be reaching out to you and guide you through the whole process. Depending on the item and quantities, the entire process will take and approximate 3-5months.

Step 3: We will create an estimate based on the info your provided us.

Step 4: Approximate freight costs to your door will be provided. This amount changes based on freight costs at the time when the shipment is ready. Shipping times (transit time) are based on final destination of the product.

Step 5: If all is agreed, Terms & Agreement must be signed and deposit must be made before production begins. Note! Deposits are NON-Refundable. Please make sure you need this product!

Step 6: Production will be 60-120 days based on factory schedule and material availability. Updates will be given.

Step 7: Our staff will notify you of the production being ready. Inspection photos of the product and a freight rate to your door with an estimated time of delivery ETD. Full payment of product must be made at this time before leaving Asia.

Step 8: Once your order arrives in US, our company will clear customs on your behalf and prepare to transit the product to your delivery address


*Minimum quantities will apply for all customized orders.